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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to watch Prime Minister Questions (PMQ’s) live rather than have to catch up later. However, part of me wishes I hadn’t watched it at all…

My heart laments at some of the disgusting rhetoric that comes from that chamber, and most notably from the current government. The comment that annoyed me most wasn’t even a loud statement, it was a flippant sentence chucked in, near the end after a Labour MP asked a question about school uniform prices being too high and some parents struggling to afford them in the first place.

The Labour MP (Barbara Keeley) mentioned that the average school uniform can cost up to £285 with some parents needing to take out loans. Although Barbara mentioned Free Schools and Academies it wasn’t the point of her comment.

The response that David Cameron gave was chilling, avoidant and proved, if nothing else, that he really is out of touch with the majority of the public.

His response was more of an attack in retaliation. He merely stated that academies should, if they want to, have strict school uniform policies and that Labour should just drop the “free school debate”. He did not mention the figures or the fact that loans were needed or even that the cost was pretty high. I guess £285 for David Cameron is a good night out…

It makes me sick that this issue can be avoided. In one school, 70% of parents had to take out loans to pay for a uniform for their children. £285 is a lot of money, even to me as a single man. I can only imagine how valuable that money is to a parent who has children to look after.

More and more this education system is becoming expensive to the average parent and some parents can’t afford to give their children everything that they need to just have the same opportunity as other children.

The Bible is clear about helping those in need, especially those less financially better off than others.

Deuteronomy 15:11:

For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.’

I’ve heard a lot of Christians; rather wrongly, suggest that the Conservative party is the most Christian party in parliament. I assume this is because they use the buzz words like ‘Family’ and ‘Responsibility’. Unfortunately, most the Christians I know that do say this also don’t look at the track record of what the Tories (and Lib Dems… do they even still exist!?) have been doing whilst at the same time are probably watching Sky News and reading the Daily Mail.

I’m not saying Christians are the problem, although a little more research and care into how they should vote would go a long way. I’m not even saying that one party is better than the others, I personally think you should vote based on influence and trust of your local MP to represent your views.

What I am saying – is that the current government is not good enough. I’m also saying that as a Christian, I take ministry with poorer communities very seriously and this government does not.

I know that as a Christian I’m also going to get a lot of flak for openly expressing my political opinion on these issues and a million and one Christians will be waiting to tell me that I should respect their authority and not comment publically but I refuse to just sit back and watch a supposedly Christian leader continue to disprove his care for the poorer than himself communities.

If you’re reading this, feeling slightly confused about what is wrong with how things are currently being done, then I implore you to research into it. Ask experts in education (NOT politicians), ask teachers, ask university student etc.

Do not be lethargic and when it comes to the next ballot box, vote for someone you can trust has education at the heart of their core policies and make sure that they are held to account.

Another election is coming and the run up to those elections have already started! Be active, voice your opinion and demand a better system!