Why I am a New Frontiers Fan Boy

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Christianity, Diary of a Young Church Planter
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I feel that this blog is well over due. However, before I begin, I must outline the fact that I’m not a leader within the movement at all. Equally, the beauty of our movement Is that I can share my opinions without them being censored.

I’m a self-titled New Frontiers fan boy. I don’t mind admitting that. Having openly admitted that I also open myself up to criticism from others that don’t agree that New Frontiers is that great – some of those people being from within the movement themselves.

My beautiful girlfriend challenged me the other day by asking “would you ever leave New Frontiers?”. She asked out of interest, nothing more. My knee-jerk reaction was an immediate no. However, that’s not true. I would leave if I had to (we’ll get to that!).

Having observed a variety of churches within our network it is clear to me that individual people are considered precious as part of the movement; but we’re not a movement that is precious about people choosing to leave. Not because we don’t care about them but because we love them!

Things like Stoneleigh, Brighton Conference and Newday, alongside the importance placed on local church and people having a relationship to God proves (to me at least) that we are thirsty for the best God has for us! The plethora of teaching I have witnessed point’s people to chase after God with everything.

When people criticize New Frontiers to me, they often point to other movements or large churches that do something they agree with. Some even say we should change and be like them, few seem to think their purpose within our network is to be that change. I’m not sure how God will use them, maybe they’re right, but I’m not convinced. Don’t get me wrong, I think that other movements do great things that we could learn from; I also don’t believe for a second that we’re 100% right on everything.

I’m just not convinced that thinking like that is how they’re called to be. Above all else, I think we are to chase the best God has for us despite the sacrifice, that may be.

I think that if people see a movement that offers something they believe to be God’s best, and it is in line with scripture, and they don’t believe New Frontiers is within what God’s best for them as an individual, then there’s nothing wrong with leaving. In fact, I’d be happy for them as they were following what they believed God to be doing!

I’d be sad to see them leave in terms of relationship and the fun it can be to build together, but that’s part of the sacrifice of pursuing God’s best.

As for me, I know that the relationships I have, the teachers who I listen to and the leaders I submit to, are all part of God’s best for me. I’m part of a movement that plants churches, finds the lost, stands rooted in scripture, listens to God and welcomes his Spirit; I know that’s the best God has for me. It has the favour of God on it and sees scores of people saved. I’m home here.

If that changed, if God moved me on, then I would leave. However, I wouldn’t move to something that did anything less than the above because I see their necessity in scripture.

So, for now at least, I’m a New Frontiers fan boy and now you know why.


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